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About Us

The Interactive Design Institute was founded in 2004 with the aim of creating opportunities for people to access accredited online courses in practical art and design subjects, without having to attend a college or university.

In that time IDI has grown to become the UK’s leading provider of accredited online courses in art and design subjects, gaining approval from some of the UK’s most respected awarding bodies, such as the City & Guilds of London Institute and ABC Awards.

In 2014 we celebrated our tenth anniversary. To mark the occasion we created a timeline charting our growth and highlighting the key developments over that period: from enrolling our first student in 2005 to becoming the first online provider of the Level 3 Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art, Design and Media) in 2007, and congratulating our first graduates in 2010. The most significant highlight, however, was in forming our long-standing partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, one of the UK’s top-ranking universities. October 2017 saw the final intake of the Foundation Diploma as we made the decision to focus on the University of Hertfordshire BA (Hons) and Master’s programmes.

IDI became a collaborative partner of the University of Hertfordshire in 2008 after being approached to adapt some of their most popular art and design degree courses for online delivery. Since then the partnership has grown and as of 2017, we deliver BA (Hons) degrees in Graphic Design, Illustration and Interior Architecture and Design.

In 2014 we were proud to add the Postgraduate Programme in Art and Design, with individual MA awards in Graphic Communication, Illustration (Visual Communication), Photography (Visual Communication) and Interior Design to our portfolio of University of Hertfordshire programmes.

So far, we have enabled over 510 students to realise their academic potential and currently have students enjoying the benefits of our modern study site in over 70 countries.

Part of our success is due to our understanding that students studying online require more support, not less. To accommodate this understanding and ensure that we are able to deliver an unrivalled level of support the IDI team has grown to include 40 core staff based in Musselburgh, and 37 tutors and course leaders located across the UK.


IDI has undergone Review for Specific Course Designation by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). We received the following judgements:

The review team has confidence in the Interactive Design Institute’s management of its responsibilities for the standards of the awards it offers on behalf of its awarding body. The review team has confidence that the Interactive Design Institute is fulfilling its responsibilities for managing and enhancing the quality of the intended learning opportunities it provides for students. The review team concludes that reliance can be placed on the information the Interactive Design Institute produces for its intended audiences about the learning opportunities it offers.

Click here to read this institution’s latest review report.

IDI is on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). Our UK Provider Reference Number is: 10006389.

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