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What courses does IDI offer?

IDI offers the following courses online, which lead to qualifications from the University of Hertfordshire, one of the UK’s leading modern universities:

Do IDI students get the same qualification as students who attend a university or college?

Yes. IDI students are also registered students of the University of Hertfordshire and their certificate is awarded by the University. There is no mention of distance or online learning – the certificates are exactly the same as those awarded to students who have studied on an attendance basis at the university.

Will I be able to get a student card?

If you are a UK student, you will be eligible for a UH student card and can use this to obtain student discounts.

What are the entry requirements?

We adhere to the University of Hertfordshire entry requirements. However, we do not accept applicants on the basis of grades alone.

We look at every application individually and take non-standard qualifications and experience into consideration. We do like to see evidence of previous study within art and design or visual evidence of art and design experience, and our Admissions Advisors will be happy to give you advice about the kind of creative work you could submit in support of an application.

In addition, we can in some instances offer places to applicants whose studies may have been affected by illness or other personal circumstances and who may not have achieved the necessary grades to meet the minimum entry requirements.

Find out more about our entry requirements.

How does it work?

As an IDI student you are able to log in to a secure personal online studio, IDI-Study where you can access carefully structured learning materials, upload and store images of your creative work and communicate with your tutors and fellow students. All communication takes place within a secure study environment which is monitored by the IDI Academic Quality Team.

We believe that distance learning requires more support, not less. When it comes to receiving individual feedback on your creative work, you are able to communicate with your tutor on a confidential, one-to-one basis.

As you progress through your online course materials you undertake practical projects and activities and upload digital images of your creative work to your online studio for your tutor to review. You will receive regular feedback and advice from your tutor and can communicate with your tutors and fellow students whenever you want to.

Within set semester start and end dates, you study flexibly at times that suit you, and can combine online study with other study or work commitments.

Can I study part-time?

All of our courses are designed to give you maximum flexibility and allow you to fit your studies easily around your other commitments. You will be required to spend 15-20 hours per week for directed activities, with additional time for communicating with tutors, completing assessments and carrying out further research.

What do the course fees include?

The course fees cover access to all learning materials, tuition and support, as well as all registration and assessment fees (excluding retake fees). There are no hidden fees.

Course fees do not cover the cost of any books or software required for your course. We provide a recommended materials list which details all of the books, materials, equipment and any specialist software required for specific courses during the online admissions process. As a registered student of the University of Hertfordshire you are entitled to a student discount in most instances.

What level of tuition and support do students receive?

As an IDI student you have access to one-to-one tuition through a private online discussion. This is an ongoing communication between you and your tutor which you can refer back to at any time during your studies. You can communicate with your tutor at any time, and as often as you need to. You will receive comprehensive guidance and support throughout your studies.

What equipment is needed to study with the Interactive Design Institute?

You need to have access to a PC, Mac or laptop and you also need an internet connection to login to your online studio within IDI-Study. You also need to have access to a digital camera to photograph your work. For some courses you may need to have access to specialist equipment. You may also need software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator – registered students are eligible to a student discount. You must check that your device is powerful enough to run the required software for your chosen course. Our Admissions Advisors can provide you with a detailed list of equipment and materials for your chosen course and answer any questions you may have.

What materials do students need?

All our courses are designed for home study so we try to keep these requirements to a minimum. You’ll need some basic art and design materials, such as pencils, pens, paper and paints. For some courses you may need other equipment such as a basic drawing board. Registered students are eligible for an educational discount on Adobe software and other materials.

Who tutors the courses?

All IDI tutors are highly qualified subject specialists. They all have experience of teaching UK higher qualifications. We then provide tutors with support and advice on how to tutor online and they are specialists in this mode of course delivery. When recruiting tutors, IDI’s requirements match those of all colleges and universities in the UK.

How often can students communicate with their tutors?

As a registered student you have access to a personal online studio, where you can communicate with your tutors on a one-to-one basis within a private, online discussion. There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask or to the number of messages you can post. You can login and post messages at any time. Student – tutor communication is asynchronous, which means you don’t have to login at a specific time and you can take time to consider your questions and comments. Asynchronous communication also allows your tutor to review your work and provide you with meaningful feedback and advice. You can normally expect to receive a response from your tutor to any message that you post within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Can I get advice about study options for my daughter/son?

Yes. IDI’s experienced Admissions Advisors are happy to offer advice to prospective students and to their parents or guardians. The advice we give is free and confidential and there is no obligation to enrol on a course.

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