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Is the Label Design of Your Beer More Important than the Beer Itself?

As craft beer brewers fight for the attention of the beer drinking masses, label design has reached incredible new heights of creativity. Purchasing...

12 Jul 2018 12m to read

Brand Yourself: How to Create a Visual Identity

It’s time to brand yourself: as part of developing and advancing your career in design, it’s important to be clear about your personal...

4 Jul 2018 5m to read
Image: Sally Barnett
IDI Student Interviews

IDI Student Success Stories: Sally Barnett

Here at IDI we love to see our former students achieve success. Recently, we caught up with BA (Hons) Illustration graduate Sally Barnett who has...

14 Mar 2018 9m to read

Graphic Design Competitions 2018: The Top 10 to Get You Noticed

Graphic design competitions: are they really worth all the hype? Your reputation as a designer can either make or break your career, so it is vital...

2 Feb 2018 12m to read

What’s the Difference Between Interior Architecture and Interior Design?

So, what is interior architecture? There has been a debate raging for some time around the terms architecture, interior architecture, interior...

11 Dec 2017 6m to read
Image: IDI Photography
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IDI Graduation Ceremony 2017

As students gathered from across the globe to celebrate the culmination of years of study, even the elusive Scottish sun made an unexpected...

24 Nov 2017 3m to read

Zine Making: Where Did It Come From and How Can You Make Your Own?

For decades, zines and zine making have been synonymous with counter-culture and anti-authoritarian subcultures, most notably the global punk scenes...

25 Sep 2017 6m to read

Hiive: How Design Networks are Reviving the Creative Industry

We sit down with Hiive founder Ciaran Burke, to find out what it is, and how it could change your life… Getting your first internship, job or a...

13 Sep 2017 12m to read
Image: Michał Dzikowski

Incredible Travel Photography of IDI Student Michal Dzikowski

When extreme adventurer and travel photography expert Michał Dzikowski first started studying with us here at IDI, he had a degree in IT/Digital...

31 Aug 2017 11m to read

50 Logo Design Ideas from the UK’s Top Graphic Designers

What makes a great logo design? In search of an answer to this difficult question we got in touch with some of the UK’s top graphic designers....

21 Aug 2017 18m to read
Image: Tim Fisher

Make Your Own Camera Obscura: IDI Student Interview with Tim Fisher (Photography)

We sit down with IDI Photography student Tim Fisher to find out how to make a Camera Obscura at home and his secret to mixing work with play when it...

28 Jul 2017 7m to read
Image: Judith Breidenstine

Meet the Graduates: Judith Breidenstine (Illustration)

With a fresh new batch of students graduating this month, we have the exciting task of hosting our Graduate Degree Show June 2017. Here at the IDI...

22 Jul 2017 10m to read