10 UK Interior Designers You Should be Following on Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic resource for interior designers of all abilities, but sadly it is largely undervalued and underused. By following the right people you can gain instant access to a non-stop stream of valuable inspiration, tips, and suggestions from some of the best in the business, helping keep you up-to-date with industry news and advance your knowledge and skills. But who are the right people to follow?

The list below features some top UK interior designers who frequently take to Twitter to offer their own advice to up-and-coming designers.

1. Kelly Hoppen


mage of interior designer kelly hoppen's twitter profile

Kelly Hoppen is one of the most famous interior designers in the UK, rising to celebrity status for her appearance as one of the dragons on the BBC’s ‘Dragons’ Den’. She has designed interior spaces for a host of high profile clients including the Beckhams and shares some very inspirational advice about business, celebrity, and most importantly – interior design. Read our exclusive interview with Kelly for more information and advice.

2. Andrew Dunning


twitter homepage of andrew dunning interior architecture

Founder of one of the leading interior design consultancies in London, APD, Andrew Dunning’s Twitter feed is full of great ideas for bringing cutting edge design to everyday homes at an affordable price. Andrew also draws on his wealth of experience as a top UK interior designer, regularly offering up great advice for up-and-coming interior designers. A great feed to follow for an insight into the life of a real pro.

3. Carolyn Parker


screenshot of interior designer carolyn parker's twitter homepage

Sharing inspiration from her own work as well as from many others, Carolyn Parker is a great designer to follow to stay well on top of the UK’s interior design trends. A great source of tips and inspiration from a fantastic British designer.

4. Emma Sims Hilditch


emma sims hilditch interior inspiration twitter feed

Since founding the luxury interior design company, Sims Hilditch, Emma Sims Hilditch has constantly placed highly in countdown lists of the UK’s best interior designers. Featuring carefully picked inspirational images and her expert advice and opinion, her Twitter feed flows as elegantly as her trademark interiors. Not to be missed.

5. Jack Hoe


social media page of London interior architect jack hoe

You might remember Jack Hoe as the youngest member on BBC2’s ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’. Thankfully Jack continues to have a big interest in interior design in the UK and his Twitter feed is packed full with tweets about what’s going on in the industry. A great way to keep up-to-date.

6. Clare Pascoe


twitter profile of top uk interior designer clare pascoe

Clare Pascoe is another top UK interior designer whose name is always appearing on ‘Best of Britain’ lists. With her trademark high-spec designs and passionate sustainable design policy it’s easy to see why. Clare’s approach to green design sets a fine example for everyone in the industry.

7. Mary Barber Fray


image of top uk interior design twitter homepage

Birmingham-based Mary Barber Fray is regarded as one of the top UK interior designers for her meticulous approach to planning and spectacular results. Following Mary’s approach on her Twitter feed is a brilliant insight into the life of one of the country’s leading professional interior designers.

8. Liza Evans


image of liza evans design

Liza Evans is another top UK designer with a Twitter feed that’s well worth following. With links to fantastic resources and images of her own interiors, it offers an inspirational way to better your own skills as a designer.

9. Carole King


screenshot of interior designer carole king's twitter homepage

Top interior design blogger Carole King has one of the most informative Twitter feeds around for interior designers in the UK. As a successful interior designer herself, she knows exactly what she’s on about and she accurately describes her advice as “nuggets of wisdom”.

10. Diana Celella


twitter feed of diana celella

Director of The Drawing Room Interiors and an International award winning designer, Diana Celella has certainly earned her place as one of the top UK interior designers. With a mixture of interior architecture, design, and business advice, her Twitter feed is a great source of inspiration.

That concludes our list of the top UK interior design Twitter feeds to follow. We hope you find all of their advice as helpful as we did, and who knows, one day you might be the owner-operator of one of the UK’s best interior design Twitter feeds.


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  1. Thanks for featuring all these inspiring interior design icons. I go through to visit their profiles one by one ..Thanks!!

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