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Image: Paul Russell

Top British Street Photographers in 2015

Following the success of blogs such as Humans of New York, the art of street photography has been rediscovered by people across the globe. Every...

28 May 2015 7m to read

How to Prepare for Your First Big Photography Shoot

Every photographer feels a mixture of nerves and excitement before their first big photography job. Whether it’s a corporate event, a...

26 May 2015 7m to read

Best and Worst Things About Being a Graphic Designer

Just like any other job, graphic design has its pros and cons. Many people can only see the positives in working as someone who uses their...

21 May 2015 8m to read

The 10 Best Typography Websites for Font Nerds

To most people, a font is simply something you select from a list on a word processing programme; to those in the know, however, the world of fonts...

19 May 2015 4m to read

The 5 Biggest Threats Facing Professional Photographers (and How to Beat Them)

Thousands of creative people worldwide aspire to one day become professional photographers. Very few, however, have the determination to follow...

11 May 2015 7m to read

12 Facts About Interior Designers Everyone Thinks are True

1. Interior designers do the same thing as interior architects A lot of people are confused by the many different job titles there are in the design...

6 May 2015 6m to read

How to Protect Your Images from Copyright Theft Online

As an artist, you may well fear that posting your images online leaves them wide open to theft. The thought of your work being passed around...

4 May 2015 7m to read

The 5 Biggest Threats Facing Interior Designers in 2015

Interior design has always been a challenging career choice, but the digital age brings a few new obstacles that you will have to overcome if you...

1 May 2015 7m to read