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Image: Michał Dzikowski

Incredible Travel Photography of IDI Student Michal Dzikowski

When extreme adventurer and travel photography expert Michał Dzikowski first started studying with us here at IDI, he had a degree in IT/Digital...

31 Aug 2017 11m to read
Image: Tim Fisher

Make Your Own Camera Obscura: IDI Student Interview with Tim Fisher (Photography)

We sit down with IDI Photography student Tim Fisher to find out how to make a Camera Obscura at home and his secret to mixing work with play when it...

28 Jul 2017 7m to read

Become a Freelancer (and Succeed) in the Creative Industries

Always wondered how to take the leap and become a freelancer? To celebrate National Freelancers Day here in the UK, we created our Freelancers...

30 May 2017 6m to read

Turn Your Hobby into a Career in 7 Steps

If you enjoy being creative and you feel that your spare time is not enough for you to truly hone your practise, then perhaps you should consider...

18 May 2017 7m to read

15 Photography Exercises Guaranteed to Improve Your Skills

Practice makes perfect It takes practice to produce high-quality photography. As a beginner, it’s vital that you learn some basic photography...

25 Oct 2016 8m to read

10 Key Rules of Picture Composition

While there aren’t technically any set “rules” when it comes to photography, there are still a number of basic guidelines of which...

28 Sep 2016 8m to read

Photographer’s Handy Checklist: Camera Prep

Pre-photoshoot: prepare, prepare, prepare! For a smooth photoshoot and a happy client, we have put together a handy print-off checklist to use before...

8 Mar 2016 4m to read

Interior Photography Tips from the Pros

Tips from 5 of the Best Interior Architectural Photographers Want to learn how to photograph interiors like a pro? Want your pictures to stand-out?...

2 Mar 2016 5m to read

10 Quick Tips for Better Still Life Photography

Still life photography is a classic art form that every photographer would be foolish not to try at least once in their career. In the early days,...

10 Sep 2015 7m to read

Top Macro Photographers Share Their Secrets

If you have ever tried macro photography for yourself, you probably know that it is a fascinating field to work in, but also a very competitive one....

25 Aug 2015 9m to read

How to Build Your Very Own Darkroom

Every photographer that has encountered the magic of the darkroom never forgets the experience. Sadly, however, manual processing has given way in...

6 Aug 2015 7m to read

10 Essential Pieces of Kit Every Photographer Needs

Imagining your dream photography kit is always great fun. You’ll probably have aspirations to buy a top of the range camera, several...

28 Jul 2015 21m to read