Interior Photography Tips from the Pros

Tips from 5 of the Best Interior Architectural Photographers

Want to learn how to photograph interiors like a pro? Want your pictures to stand-out? Well, keep reading and get insights and tips about interior photography from the experts.

With the rise of social media, professional photography skills are becoming a prime asset for anyone who is looking to make a splash in the creative industry. As the influence and importance of social media has increased, so too has the impact and value of images. In this increasingly connected world, it has never been truer that indeed ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.

Posting images online is a proven method of increasing audience engagement and is a vital part of any successful business. Online users are becoming increasingly sophisticated about what merits a ‘clickworthy’ picture; to maintain a competitive edge, and to capture people’s attention, unique, high quality images are a must.

Su Shengliang Interior

Image provided by Su Sheng Liang

Interior architectural photography is a difficult art to master, but one that is becoming a fundamental part of business success. For architects, hoteliers, restaurateurs, property management and investment firms, government tourism boards and other businesses, this type of photography is vital for promoting their image to the public.

interior architecture photography of concert hall

Image provided by Inigo Bujedo Aguirre

Talented photographers capture the essence, beauty and meaning of a building or landmark within its environment. Interior architectural photographs are a visual commentary on the human experience; a snapshot of, and insight into, society. They can show us whole worlds, the intricate character of different places, and shape the way we experience spaces. In order to find out more about this fascinating and growing profession, we asked top award winning interior architectural photographers to share with us some helpful professional photography tips.

Inigo Bujedo Aguirre

Inigo Bujedo the interior architecture photographer interviewed

Based in the architectural wonderland of Barcelona, Inigo is a seasoned interior architecture photographer who has worked with big name clients such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Orange, Swiss Bank and AA Architectural Association to name but a few and he has had his work exhibited all over the world.

According to Inigo, “architecture and interior design – the entirety of the built environment – has become central to our contemporary culture. Architects and designers have become celebrities. Naturally the role of the architectural photographer is pivotal as architects and designers need to be published to be known.”

To get the best image, Inigo suggests that you “avoid using extreme wide angle lenses to depict interiors. Architecture and Interiors photography is a form of representation and when possible should aim to be truthful to the space we want to illustrate. Too often I see interior photographs taken with a super wide angle lenses, which often distort the furniture and the space itself.”


Image provided by Inigo Bujedo Aguirre

Mads Mogensen

Mads Mogensen interior & architecture photographer

From taking holiday snaps to becoming an award winning interior architecture photographer, Mads Mogensen turned his hobby into a full-time profession. Mads believes that low levels of light make shooting interiors much easier.

He suggests that, if you want to test out how your photograph will look in print, you take a quick snap on your iPhone, which will let you judge the quality of your composition, colour and the overall clarity of communication.

When taking a picture, Mads recommends that you “treat each image as if it were a fine art painting, and use a simple composition while paying special attention to the message the space communicates”.

interior photography example Image provided by Mads Mogensen

Gareth Byrne

Gareth Byrne Interior Architecture Photographer

Gareth is considered one of Ireland’s leading architectural and interior photographers.

He has the accolades to justify this praise, which include three Fellowship Distinctions from the Irish Professional Photographers Association, the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

Interior photography is his passion and his focus.

Gareth’s top tip is to “use the available light where possible so that the interior space looks as natural as the human eye interprets it”.

interior of an office shot by Gareth Byrne

Image provided by Gareth Byrne

Su Shengliang


Born in the architecturally diverse Shanghai, Su Shengliang graduated with a degree in architectural design from Shanghai University.

When taking pictures, he tries to coax out the active energy of the space and reflect that in his images so that the viewer can get a sense of the building’s charm and energy.

According to Su Shengliang you have to be “decisive in the moment and try to capture the link between the interior and exterior”.

In his opinion, an extraordinary picture should be a visually immersive experience that encapsulates the soul and atmosphere of a place.

interior shot by Su Sheng Liang Image provided by Su Sheng Liang

Mark Gorton

Interior & Architecture photographer Mark Gorton Mark Gorton is first and foremost an architect. His approach when composing a shot is to come at it from an architect’s viewpoint.

Mark suggests that you “approach every photoshoot with an open mind and try to capture, if possible, the part of the concept that helped bring the project to life”.

Mark’s shot of Mexico City’s BBVA Bancomer Tower captures the soft-fit of the cafeteria which, although abstract, conveys two of the building’s main design features – bold use of geometry and colour – in a clean, simple image.

interior by Mark Gorton Image provided by Mark Gorton

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