Meet the Graduates 2017: Lara Hochreiter (Graphic Design)

With a fresh new batch of students graduating this month, we have the exciting task of hosting our Graduate Degree Show June 2017. Here at the IDI Blog we’ve sat down with some of our most recent graduates to get a little insight into studying, and graduating, with IDI.

You may recognise some of BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate Lara Hochreiter‘s work as we selected it for the branding of the Graduate Degree Show June 2017, including promotional visuals. Lara tells us about how packaging and 3D design brings her work to life, as well as how studying with IDI has helped prepare her for the fast-paced world of design…

My main interests in graphic design are focused on illustration and packaging design. For my final major project I wanted to create a magazine that tells my story, and the way it is made reflects me as a designer.
Lara Hochreiter
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

For my final major project, I set myself the goal of creating a design piece that represents myself.

In comparison to the self-promotion project, I decided to develop a piece of work that not only represents me as a design brand, but also my identity as a person. To ensure that I also represent my skills as a designer, I used illustrations without any continuous text. I wanted to create a magazine that tells my story, and the way it is made reflects me as a designer.

My main interests in graphic design are focused on illustration and packaging design. I love to explore new materials and techniques that haven’t been used before, and I like to create innovative and special design pieces.

Growing up, did you have any creative interests?

Yes, I remember having a pencil in my hand at almost every occasion. I loved to draw and paint, so I was also participating in any drawing competition my school offered.

‘Me, Myself and I’ magazine concept and design by Lara Hochreiter See more

What’s the design scene like in Austria?

Generally, the design scene in Austria is quite big in comparison to countries of the same size. Vienna in particular has a huge art and design scene where you can find a lot of inspiration. In my hometown Innsbruck, there aren’t many gatherings of designers because we do not have design or art courses in university, but there are more and more young talents that contribute to the scene.

How did you know that you wanted to get into graphic design?

I always knew that I wanted to get into a subject, where I am able to apply my drawing skills and my talent of visualisation. My best friend definitely inspired me during school, because we loved to draw and paint together, so I got more confident to apply for a study that requires creativity.

How have you grown as a designer during your studies?

Within my studies I developed much better skills in illustration, because I needed to work faster and more effective from project to project. I especially learned how important conceptional working within a project is and I believe this is one of the biggest achievements I made during my studies.

‘Me, Myself and I’ magazine spreads, designed by Lara Hochreiter See more

Your ‘Me, Myself and I’ magazine project is bold and vibrant. Is this representative of your general design style?

Yes, this piece of design definitely describes the design style I choose when I am able to be free in creating the design. I like to develop pieces of work that somehow are really overloaded, but still look harmonious in their own ways. I think that this is something special about my work.

You utilise packaging design to create innovative design solutions. Why packaging design?

I really like the moment, when I am finished with creating a piece of design in 2D and come to the part when I actually build it up into reality. There are so many more possibilities in packaging design than in any other sector of a graphic designer’s work, because you have the freedom of choosing materials, forms, and the way of usage. Another point why I want to design packaging is, that I am interested in new and innovative materials, that do not contain any plastics, are biodegradable and therefore contribute to a more sustainable world. I think as a designer, you are not only responsible for creating a piece that is nice to look at , but also a design, that makes people think about their way of living and maybe even change their thinking.

Personal branding by Lara Hochreiter, Lara often uses 3D packaging design to bring her concepts to life See more

What made you choose to study graphic design over illustration?

I believe as a graphic designer I have more possibilities. I can use illustration as a kind of style, but at the same time I learned how to use typography and also can integrate photographs into my work. Illustrations definitely make more fun, but for me it was important to get an overall education.

Is illustration something you hope to continue to incorporate into your work?

Yes I really hope that I will work on more projects where I can implicate illustrations and I am also thinking on doing a master’s degree in illustration or a similar subject.

Craft beer branding and packaging designed by Lara Hochreiter See more

What was the best part of studying online with IDI?

When I think back I believe the best part has been the diverse projects we had and also that we could choose between a bunch of different briefs, because it was important for me to get enough material for my portfolio, that really represents me as a designer. The most challenging part was when we had two modules at the same time, because when I am within a creative process, I can hardly concentrate on anything else. But I managed it, so I believe I also learned how to handly such a situation quite well.

What are your plans now that you’ve graduated from IDI?

I want to get into an advertising agency that has international clients and works in different fields and with a lot of diverse media. I am hoping that I will learn as much as possible to extend my knowledge in various fields of graphic design. In five years I see myself as a graphic designer / illustrator, who has learned a lot in the past years but still isn’t fully trained, because I believe in this sector there is no such person, and I think that makes my job so exciting.

Visit Lara’s website or Behance profile for more examples of her design work.

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