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Introducing fine art study fit for the twenty-first century. On the online Fine Art degree course you will receive one-to-one tuition from expert tutors who will encourage you to develop your talent by creating art through the perspective of your own experience of contemporary culture. You will engage in a number of practical activities and also complete theory based tasks to enable you to understand the process of your own creativity and be able to apply this to the work of others.

The course will introduce you to the disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D installation, photography, moving image and digital imaging for fine art. You will upload images of your work to your own personal online studio where your tutor will assess the work and give you thorough feedback.

Three start dates a year

We have three start dates a year for most courses, in February, June and October. However this can be subject to change, so if you have a specific course and start date in mind please check with your Admissions Advisor or email We accept online applications at any time.

Why study fine art?

In order to create and sell your own artwork to make a living, you will often have to go through a third party, such as an agent or gallery. Galleries and agencies are more likely to consider your work for display if you have the relevant qualifications to back up your skills as an artist. A BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art will also allow you to charge more for your work.

Many professional artists work in other jobs alongside pursuing their own freelance art ventures. A degree in fine art opens up a number of opportunities in the creative and cultural industries that will allow you to work part-time, or even full-time, at the same time as pursuing your art.

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