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BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Gaining a graphic design degree is an ideal way to get ahead in this competitive area of the creative industries. Graphic design is a multi-faceted discipline that employs visual communication, innovation and problem-solving, as well as technical software skills.

Our online graphic design degree allows you to harness your creativity and develop vital graphic design skills as you work through the three levels: ‘The Essentials Year’, ‘The Professional Year’ and ‘The Portfolio Year’. You will explore techniques such as typography, layout and illustration, for both digital design and design for print.

The activities and briefs in this course are designed to not only develop key skills in design softwares and design thinking, but to build a portfolio of distinctive design work and the professional skills essential to showcasing your unique abilities and potential as a graphic designer.

What Will I Learn?

  • 'The Essentials Year'

    Level 4: Certificate of Higher Education: Starting out can be pretty daunting, and so this first level is designed to improve your knowledge and understanding of design and the creative industries. You will explore and develop a foundation of fundamental skills in a wide range of media using both traditional graphic design techniques and industry standard digital software.

  • 'The Professional Year'

    Level 5: Diploma of Higher Education: Having been equipped with essential skills and knowledge, you will now develop these through advanced practice activities in design thinking, idea generation, development and presentation. You will start to build your own brand, exploring core aspects of self-promotion such as personal stationery and the design and creation of printed and digital portfolios.

  • ‘The Portfolio Year’

    Level 6: BA (Hons): Your final bachelor’s level focuses on building a portfolio of professional-level graphic design work. You will develop a critical approach to your design process and work on professional design projects such as live briefs and design competitions. You will also be encouraged to further expand your self-promotion work through innovative 3D packaging design.

Studying a Graphic Design Degree Online

Study from Anywhere

All of our degree programmes are taught through our secure IDI-Study site, accessible from any internet-enabled device. All course content and support essential to studying graphic design online is contained within the study site: here you will discuss projects with your peers and upload your work for assessment and feedback.

Unlimited Tuition and Support

You’ll receive unlimited one-to-one tuition from our tutors, who are all experienced graphic design professionals and design practitioners. Our tutors and support team are on hand to respond within 24 hours (9-5, Monday to Friday), allowing for unlimited communication and personalised attention. Any help you might need with your studies is just a click away.

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Course Structure

Our graphic design bachelors degree is split up into three levels: Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6. These are delivered over four calendar years.

Each level has four semesters, each of which consists of twelve weeks of study followed by four weeks of assessment processes.

While studying, you’ll be expected to set aside a minimum of 15-20 hours per week for your directed activities. You should also consider additional time needed to read supporting materials, upload your work to the site, and for discussion with your tutors and peers in the forums.

Am I Eligible?

We consider all applications on an individual basis and are open to assess non-standard qualifications. The first step is to complete an application form and we’ll send you an invite to access your own secure admissions area within IDI-Study.

You’ll then be assigned an Admissions Advisor, who’ll guide you through the application process and answer any questions you might have.

For more information about what’s required for your application, see our handy Application Guide. You can also read up on our entry requirements to find out if you’re eligible to study an online bachelor with us here at IDI:

Course Fees and Discounts

Fees are payable per level, there are three levels in the BA (Hons) Graphic Design degree:

£4,500 per level

Please note: throughout April, we’re offering a 10% reduction on fees when you pay in full, or 5% when you pay over four instalments.

Studying for your graphic design degree online means you’ll pay just half the cost of doing the same degree on-campus. We also have several payment options available to help you manage your course fees while studying with IDI: including the option to pay in instalments, discounts and loans:

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