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BA (Hons) Graphic Design

The online BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme from IDI will teach you the fundamentals of graphic design, honing your skills in design softwares and design thinking, as you build up a portfolio of professional-level design work.

What You'll Learn

Master the Fundamentals

Throughout the BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme, you’ll build your confidence in the essential design skills and the use of creative techniques in research and visual presentation.

You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of core principles in typography, layout, image making and other key areas – and will learn how to use these principles to craft a compelling visual message.

Key Modules

Visual Communication, Graphic Design Essentials Part 1, Graphic Design Essentials Part 2

Learn to Promote Yourself

During your studies, you’ll develop your own unique and creative design profile, learning how to communicate your personal attributes through a portfolio that maximises your career opportunities.

You’ll address key issues and concerns in self-promotion, considering your portfolio of design work in a number of physical and digital formats – and will learn how to present it to a variety of professional audiences and clients.

Key Modules

Graphic Design: Professional Development, Graphic Design Advanced Practice 2

Become Industry Aware

Widen your knowledge of the design industry by investigating historical movements, leading creative practitioners, contemporary consultancies and progressive design culture around the world.

You’ll become familiar with a range of modern graphic design practices and debates, and will gain a deep understanding of their role in contemporary culture.

Key Modules

Critical and Cultural Studies (Level 4, 5 and 6)

Utilise Multiple Mediums

Learn to use freehand, technical and digital methods to equip yourself with all of the valuable skills needed in the multi-skilled professional workplace.

You’ll build a variety of skills in typography, layout, print formats and production, digital design software and problem-solving – producing a portfolio of both print and digital graphic design outcomes.

Key Modules

Visual Communication, Graphic Design Essentials Part 1, Graphic Design Essentials Part 2, Graphic Design: Professional Development

Improve Your Typography

Through your BA studies you’ll gain an understanding of the power of typography, and you’ll gain the professionalism and knowledge to apply it.

Fully understanding typography and how it can be used for both clarity and visual expression may be one of the most important things you can do to improve your design portfolio.

Key Modules

Graphic Design Essentials Part 1, Graphic Design Essentials Part 2, Graphic Design Live Projects

Complete Live Award Briefs

Take the opportunity to enter live briefs and respond to international student design awards and competitions as part of your studies.

Opportunities to enter awards and competitions are built into selected modules at both Level 5 and Level 6. Past IDI graphic design students have been successful in awards such as the D&AD New Blood Awards, the Adobe Student Achievement Awards and more.

Key Modules

Graphic Design Advanced Practice 1

IDI partnered with the University of Hertfordshire in 2008 with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity to get their degree in a design subject, without having to attend college or university.

73% of our students gain a 2:1 or above
Over 1000 online students from over 70 countries
Our most recent completing postgraduate students had a 100% pass-rate

*All percentage figures come from our performance in the most recent academic year, 2016/17.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that our level of online support and tuition is second-to-none, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

We encourage you to compare us with alternative providers and ask them the following questions to see how they stack up against our BA (Hons) Graphic Design.

Our BA (Hons)
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Course Overview

  • Level 4: Certificate of Higher Education

    The first level of your degree is designed to improve your core knowledge and understanding of design and the creative industries.

    You’ll explore and develop a foundation of fundamental skills in a wide range of media, using both traditional graphic design techniques and industry standard digital software.

  • Level 5: Diploma of Higher Education

    In this next level, you’ll develop your newfound skills through advanced practice activities in design thinking, idea generation, development and presentation.

    You’ll start to build your own brand and explore key aspects of self-promotion – such as personal stationery and the design and creation of printed and digital portfolios.

  • Level 6: BA (Hons)

    In your final bachelor’s level, you’ll focus on building a portfolio of professional-level graphic design work, while developing a critical approach to your design process.

    You’ll work on professional projects such as live briefs and design competitions. You’ll also be encouraged to expand your self-promotion work through innovative 3D packaging design.

Start Dates & Schedules

The four-year programme is split into three levels: Levels 4, 5 & 6.

Each level has four semesters, consisting of 12 weeks of study followed by four weeks of assessment.

While you’re studying, we recommend you set aside a minimum of 15-20 hours per week for activities, as well as additional time to read supporting materials and for discussion with your tutors and peers.

Jack Gordon and Gabriella O’Driscoll,
Programme Coordinators

Meet Your Programme Coordinators

As the Programme Coordinators for the BA (Hons) Graphic Design programme, Jack and Gabriella will be your first points of contact for any non-tutorial enquiries.

They both have oversight of all aspects of the programme, and will therefore be best-placed to provide you with guidance and advice throughout the entirety of your studies.

Are You Eligible?

We consider all applications for the BA (Hons) Graphic Design on an individual basis.

To be eligible you’ll normally meet certain academic or professional requirements, but we also welcome applications from those with non-standard qualifications.

Read up on our entry requirements below, or see our handy admissions guide to see what’s required for your application:

Advanced Entry

If you already have an HND-level qualification or equivalent work experience, you could be eligible to ‘top-up’ to an honours degree in as little as 2 years.

Our Accredited Prior Learning (APL) process means you may be able to count this previous experience towards the completion of your degree.

There are two types of Accredited Prior Learning which can count towards your BA (Hons) degree:

If you’ve previously studied a course with similar learning outcomes to IDI’s programme, then you can apply to have these credited against your degree. However, if your qualification or credit is more than 5 years old, it could be considered out of date and may not be used towards a degree.

If you have international qualifications, we may ask you to provide an official document that states how your international qualification compares to UK qualifications.

If you’ve previously developed skills and knowledge through experiences outside the formal education and training systems (normally in a work environment), you may also be able to have this recognised and credited towards your degree.

APEL is different from formal learning, as it’s often unstructured and can be more personal and individualised. Please be aware that learning must be at an equivalent level to the modules offered on our programmes, and you’ll need to provide evidence of this. This is typically done by means of a portfolio. It’s usual for this to involve some sort of reflective writing about your learning, but it might involve many other forms of evidence too.

Fees and Payment Options

The tuition fee for the BA (Hons) Graphic Design is £4,500 per level, and there are three levels in the degree programme.

You can choose from a number of payment options:

  • Full payment per level: £4,500
  • Payment per semester: 4 instalments of £1,152 (£4,608 per level)
  • Payment per month: 16 instalments of £288 (£4,608 per level)

If you’re based in the UK, you may be able to apply for student loan funding. We also offer discounts to self-employed students or employers supporting employees to study.

Ready to Get Started?

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There’s no obligation to enrol, and you can return to complete your application any time between now and the next start date.

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