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Photography Courses

All my questions were answered promptly and honestly. The support received during the enrolment was superb, and that level of support is maintained throughout the qualification. I have no regrets whatsoever in applying and doing my qualification with IDI.
Deborah Priestly
BA (Hons) Photography

Whether you’re looking to prove your talent as a photographer or seeking employment in the photography industry, IDI gives you the opportunity to greatly improve your chances of success. With the online BA (Hons) Photography course, delivered in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, and brand new MA Photography (Visual Communication) course, you can achieve the accredited qualification you need to stand out from the competition.

Three start dates a year

We have three start dates a year for most courses, in February, June and October. However this can be subject to change, so if you have a specific course and start date in mind please check with your Admissions Advisor or email admissions@idesigni.co.uk. We accept online applications at any time.

Why study for a degree in photography?

If you’re looking for a career and new horizons in the photo-media creative industries, while it’s still important to have great skills, it can also be a major advantage to have accredited qualifications. Achieving an accredited UK degree in photography is often the starting point for a rewarding creative career and is a great way to start up or improve your photography business. Taking a degree course in photography can develop your creativity, visual communication, creative problem solving and conceptual visual thinking skills.
The experience you will gain in a photography degree covers developing visual communication skills, preparing your work for audiences, and the development of concepts to communicate and express message within imaginative photography projects. These more imaginative and conceptual abilities can help to take your photography work to another level. You will find that studying a degree challenges you to stretch your creativity and to develop your own personal directions within photography.

All the online photography courses include professional development modules alongside creative and reflective project work and are carefully designed to prepare you for employment and creative opportunities in a range of photographic and media sectors. These include creative and imaginative approaches to commercial, client-led practices such as advertising and editorial photography, through to documentary photography and personally defined fine art photography, as well as related fields of employment such as picture editing, digital post-production, curating and gallery management.