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Design Masterclass: Build Your Own Brand

Building a personal brand is about determining the things that make you different from every other designer. Watch our webinar to learn how to explore, develop and determine a distinctive brand essence, differentiate yourself and create your visual identity and personal branding statement:

To watch the trailer for ‘Helvetica: The Movie’, as mentioned in the masterclass, go to: distrify.com/videos/aBrt4H-helvetica


Joe Lynch
IDI Programme Leader

Joe Lynch is an Academic Leader for the Interior Architecture and Design programme and has over 20 years’ experience in the design industry.

Joe’s website: joelynch.com

Fiona Crosbie
Founding Director, IDI

Fiona Crosbie is a Founding Director of IDI. With a background in both the design industry and design education, Fiona works closely with the Student Recruitment and Admissions team.