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Professional Development Masterclass: Switch On Your Creative Career

Whether working as a freelancer or seeking employment in the world of art and design, how do you acquire the skills needed to thrive in the modern creative industries?

Our resident design expert, Joe Lynch, gives his insights into how online art and design study can be used to enhance and develop your creative practices.

He’s joined by one of our founding directors, Fiona Crosbie, who shares her knowledge on how a design degree can help to advance your career.


Joe Lynch
IDI Programme Leader

Joe Lynch is an Academic Leader for the Interior Architecture and Design programme and has over 20 years’ experience in the design industry.

Joe’s website:

Fiona Crosbie
Founding Director, IDI

Fiona Crosbie is a Founding Director of IDI. With a background in both the design industry and design education, Fiona works closely with the Student Recruitment and Admissions team.