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As a creative graphic designer, I have learned to appreciate the beauty, colours, calligraphy and other design elements when putting my touch on any creative design.

Through my work and study, I have found many things that need to develop and add more value to any artwork to be original and different from others, special in our Arab countries that have an extensive history of art in the past, unfortunately, the slow-growing movement in the present. I am trying to learn and taste the art through all available means.

I dream of presenting art that will serve everyone in their future careers. I found that calligraphy is one of the most important and essential objects of design which has many things to offer the design through applying it in many fields around us. I challenge myself to dig into a configuration as profoundly as possible and unpack every detail to develop the ideas and designs.

In my degree show I include a project for MWTEN Advertising when I worked a few years ago. This project has given me the confidence to do like this experience and leading creative team to any future works and developing my skills and experiences that I need it to build the creative brand.

I also include the biggest advertising campaign I worked on in my creative career with Saudi HORECA. This project has a lot of concepts and varieties that we had needed them to reach to the best quality of creativity to attract the eyes of all participants and visitors in this exhibition. This project was the first challenge for me to provide the best ideas, creative strategy, and creativity. In this project, I had learned how can create the row concept and apply it to the indeed also how can organize all ideas together.

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