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Abi Giles has just come to the end of her studies with IDI on the BA (Hons) Photography course from the University of Hertfordshire. Before she set off to start her career, we asked her how she found the course and if studying photography online met with her expectations.

“I chose to study photography online with IDI because I wanted to be able to work from home, being able to bring in an income at the same time. I researched online courses where I would be able to start in third year to ‘top up’ my existing degree, and IDI outshone them all.

“However, I was feeling unsure of going back to education, and if I could really succeed within a digital environment without tutors to speak to directly.

“But after discussing my worries with Student Support, I was given all the advice about how my studying plan would work, and how I would be able to contact my tutors at any stages to help guide me through. They explained clearly and in depth the module guides and how the course would work, the financial aspects, and cleared any doubts I was having.

“I quickly realised how a digital form of contact is just as strong as a physical one, and that I would be guided fully throughout my journey.

“The tutors at IDI are fantastic – any questions I had were answered fully, clearly and best of all, quickly. I never felt like I couldn’t check in with them about any worries I was having, and keeping in contact on a regular basis means that you create a real working bond, one I found even more successful than when at university previously.

“The forums are such a great way to speak to your fellow students, and it was amazing to be able to converse with a peer group spread out across the world! Getting so many different viewpoints, with everyone supporting one another within the course, you get a real sense of community.

“I had previously left university completely unsure of what direction I wanted to take within my career or how to utilise my photographic skills. After studying with IDI these past 16 months, I am now aware of how to set up and execute my own photographic business.

“I believe that the course is fully achievable alongside other work and commitments, you just need to manage your time well. Being able to be flexible and work at a time that is best for you is such a great opportunity to have, self-motivation is key though.

“For anyone thinking about studying online with IDI, I would say go for it! The sense of achievement and pride I have attained from completing my full degree title is like no other. Choosing to study online shows your commitment from the outset in achieving your educational goals – and you will be fully supported along the way.

“The tutors go beyond in order to help you, and the forums keep you in touch with others in the same position as you. If you are passionate to further yourself and your career, studying with IDI can help you do it!”

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