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Ahmed Hassan Aly

MA Graphic Communication
IDI Featured: Design for Screens

Project title: Qareeb: Empathetic Digital Philanthropy Experience

As a visual and user experience designer, I believe in design as a tool for change. A tool that is powerful enough to change thoughts, emotion, and behaviours. This change on the individual level can lead to more significant changes in community and society level. Coming from Egypt, I was exposed to visual works of Ancient Egyptians, Greek, Roman, and Islamic civilisations, visuals that stood the test of thousands of years. Yet, they still affect people from around the world and will continue to do so. That made me come to the belief that visuals can be regarded as a universal dictionary of a shared language, a language that crosses the borders of time and place.

It’s our responsibility as designers today to use this language to resist all the diseases that our modern society is suffering from today. This project is an attempt to use the power of visuals to create a more engaging digital philanthropy experience that can contribute to increasing awareness, empathy and support towards the humanitarian causes around the world.

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