COVID-19 update: All online teaching and learning is proceeding as normal

Aisha Shaikh is a recent graduate of the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design course which IDI delivers online in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire. Aisha was first drawn to the online course as it enabled her to gain a relevant degree from a top ranking UK university without having to travel. Since graduating, she has found her BA (Hons) qualification has opened up new opportunities for her in the interior architecture and design industry and she is now well on her way to a successful career.

Aisha’s interest in interiors began shortly after graduating from high school in Kuwait. She initially completed an online Diploma in Interior Design and after gaining valuable work experience close to home she discovered that there were a lot of opportunities for pursuing a career in this field:

“During my studies, I did an internship at IKEA Kuwait which helped me look at interior designing in a wider perspective. I also worked as an assistant designer at a local company in Kuwait for a few months during my final year.”

Living in Kuwait, it was a challenge for Aisha to find a course that would allow her to continue to pursue her interest in interior design and further her qualifications. There was nothing that appealed to her locally and she was unable to travel overseas. However, after discovering the BA (Hons) Interior Architecture course offered by IDI she was convinced that this was the right course for her:

“I chose IDI over any other institution because it was the only genuine online learning institute at that time. It was offering the course I was looking for and the degree was from the University of Hertfordshire. I couldn’t have had asked for more than what IDI was already offering.”

Despite initially finding studying for her degree to be a challenge, Aisha found the support from IDI tutors and staff to be “very efficient” and took full advantage of the benefits of studying to a flexible timetable:

“I am so glad that I have finally finished my studies. While I was a student I enjoyed studying at my own pace. I would study till late at night and divide my work for the coming week to meet a deadline…. Gladly, my tutors and the whole IDI team were very supportive and they helped me through the tough times.”

Aisha also found that one of the unseen benefits of studying online was that it equipped her to deal with the reality of life as a professional interior architect:

“Since the course required self studying, it has made me capable of handling my time more efficiently. I believe that would help me a lot in the future as interior designers are expected to meet the client’s deadlines. It’s also made me learn how to see the hidden art and designs in what appears to be simple architecture. In my opinion, such insight is very important for a designer. I hope that with these achievements, I will become a successful designer in the future.

“I will not dream to soar higher than I can, but I hope that in 10 years time I’d be in a senior post in a prestigious designing company such as IKEA. If not that, then I see myself as an independent designer known for my fresh and contemporary designs.”

Now thoroughly pleased to have graduated, Aisha offers this simple advice to anyone thinking about enrolling on a course with IDI:

“Never give up. No matter how hard it is and no matter how challenging it looks, keep moving forward and never lose motivation. The tutors will always be there to help you.”