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Akash Peeroo

MA Graphic Communication
IDI Featured: Environmental Impact

As a multi-disciplinary design practitioner, my aim for this graphic design master’s programme was to combine my 3D skills with a traditional approach to graphic design.

Being trained as a graphic designer, my journey and curiosity for 3D based graphics peaked while following the trends and debates of the creative industries.

This self-initiated brief regarding the importance of coral reefs surrounding Mauritius has been created in an attempt of communicating to an audience aged between 18-25 years old.

During this programme, I have had the opportunity to explore ideas from various fields of practice and engage with peers from different backgrounds to produce this final outcome.

The project makes use of the term ‘Hybridity’ to create a visual link between human form and marine life. This resulted in a visual story communicating an important message to a young audience.

The IDI platform provided a structured environment to help me in my journey.

I enjoyed how this project showed the deep connection been humanity and the ocean. Often with climate change we are too concerned with sea level rise or changes on land, this piece shows that the oceans and coral reefs are just as important as the other areas suffering from environmental changes caused by human activity.
Calum Greenhill
Social Media and Marketing Executive

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