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Alet van der Merwe

MA Interior Design

Snowflake Community Art Centre

Identified brief Adaptive reuse of the vacant industrial Horsfall Milling Co. building situated in Potchefstroom, North-West, South Africa. Client: The local Art Association, resident and visiting artists, art enthusiasts

Proposed new accommodation: Artists’ studio spaces; Workshop and art educational facilities; Gallery exhibition area; Creative research area; Creative ‘think tank’ area; Art supply shop; Restrooms; Cafeteria.

Theoretical and critical context

Art to Architecture was identified as the overarching conceptual idea. The translation process transforms two-dimensional depiction to three-dimensional spatial realisation, utilizing intensive multi-disciplinary practical experimentation.
Examples hereof:

  • Photographic documentation of site > transformed to mixed media collage > to card model > converted to wallpaper pattern design
  • Sounds recorded on site > emotive response expressed in a dipping ink sketch > transformed to a powder pastel artwork > to card model > translated to furniture pieces

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