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The aim of the final project was to design an exhibition gallery and enhance architecture by augmenting it.

The concept for this project was to create a sculpture exhibition gallery which is slightly different than the norm. This was achieved by creating a space that not only serves an exhibition gallery but also as a residential home for the artist himself.

The design combines old architecture with the new by creating a clear distinct contrast using materials, forms and shapes. The visitors will experience four different elements while strolling around the gallery. From each tunnel, the audience will get a view of what to expect from the next gallery room. Subsequently, with the use of angular walls, the concept supports the idea of ‘wayfinding’ in order to enhance the visitor’s experience and create curiosity.

Combining all elements together, the gallery becomes a new, fresh experience for the visitors.

I am really drawn-in by the incredible visualisation that Alexia has created. This interior view of her proposed ‘sky gallery’ design captures the bold connection between the stonework of the existing building and the timber, glass and marble elements of the new interior architecture. There is such a subtle distinction inside space and the outside space, making this a truly dynamic and exciting place to be I can imagine.
Joe Lynch
Academic Leader, Interior Architecture and Design

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