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Alonso Chunga

IDI Featured: Design for Print

For my final major project I created Nomad Fest, a psych-rock festival coming up in Brazil with bands from around the globe alongside Brazilian bands. Organized by a Brazilian music event company, Abraxas.

My goal was to create an illustrated poster to promote the festival, with artwork that could be translated into different applications (i.e. graphic t-shirts, a live LP recording of the full show). The objective of the outcome was to become the visual identity for the festival’s vibe.

The composition is based on the story of the ‘Nomads’, travellers of the psyche on a spiritual quest. Here one might trust their senses more than their eyes. Male and female, we all eventually look inside for the answers we need. Self-exploration, mind-altering states and magical worlds: this is the path of the nomad.

I think the colour palette, typography and visual style of Alonso’s Nomad Fest designs convey the intended psychadelic vibe incredibly well. The compositions for the LP cover and graphic t-shirts are particularly striking – it looks like a festival I would want to attend.
Danny Mancini
Digital Marketer

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