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Andrea Cox

IDI Featured: Environmental Impact

The speed of climate change is the major threat to the floral world. Plant adaptations have taken place over millennia enabling the protection of genetic information.

Concerned with the losses involved with climate change, an overarching theme of fire and ice has been explored. Now in this this final degree project it takes an optimistic direction with Positive Pods. The germination of seeds takes many guises, pyrophytic plants exploit the extreme temperatures of fires, whilst seeds captured in glaciers remain viable many years later.

As a multimedia artist the materials are key, combining the natural element of wood with the fragility of glass and a palette of black, white and copper, searching forms play with verticals, horizontals, curves and geometrics. These images are this artists’ representations of spores and allude to microscopic roots, mycelia and webs searching to establish life preserving properties within the extremities of fire and ice.

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