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Anisa Sagynova

IDI Featured: Design for Screens

I have plunged into a field that I knew very little about before and grown into a multitasking designer. Throughout these four years I tried all kinds of techniques to meet very diverse briefs and learned a lot. I realized that I am open to all kind of challenges and to learning new skills, especially in the disciplines of identity and branding.

For my Final Major Project I have created a brand identity for a new mobile application, called Pixerapp. Since this is a new service, I have also designed an on-boarding experience for the iOS app and a landing web page. My outcome was inspired by the popular mobile flat design trend and branding. My main strategy was to depict memory, trust and security in the Pixerapp mobile application. This was achieved and presented through the neutral color palette, and by combining an elephant (known as an animal with incredible memory) with the distinctive photo border and the key for the logo.

I have also included my previous branding projects and digital magazine design project for tablet users.

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