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My journey with IDI has been very rewarding, allowing me to take my creativity and shape it into a professional career choice. I enjoy crafting imagery that includes detailed symbolism and hidden meanings, using both traditional and digital techniques.

My main degree project was a self-initiated brief based on “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary”. I designed a Special Edition package and print advert for Old Bakery Gin, a small, family-run distillery with a colourful history. The outcome was strongly influenced by my research into art history.

For the second project, I created an exhibition display and collateral items for the British Museum, using the subject of Mythical Creatures in Ancient Greek pottery to explore the theme “Fracture”.

The final brief depicts my entry to the Folio Society competition for The Selected Adventures & Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. My cover design is symbolic and meaningful, while the inner illustrations focus on character design and narrative.

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