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“My interests lie in the disciplines of identity, branding and communication. I believe that a strong concept which engages with the audience should be at the heart of any design. My personal design style is minimal, clean and contemporary with a focus on colour and typography.

“Using the theme of ‘Making the Ordinary Extraordinary’, my Final Major Project is a brand identity and packaging redesign for a company relaunching their range of healthy, wholegrain bread.

“My aim is to create a memorable and versatile visual identity that reflects the essence of the company, and acts as the foundation of an engaging brand identity that will resonate with a young, health-conscious audience.

“The visual language presents a unified design solution across the product range. Symbols and icons make a connection to the wholegrain ingredients whilst the individual bread characteristics are exhibited through a vibrant colour palette and surface pattern.

“These selected pieces demonstrate my creative approach in response to the Final Major Project and a further diverse set of briefs.”