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I am a London-based designer, with professional background in creative sectors (luxury fashion and art) and commercial property development. I am passionate about interior architecture and design that understands the inherent link between the designed environment and emotional/physical responses of the human body, and I am interested in developing holistic design principles and methods that can be used prescriptively to actively influence and promote well-being, vitality and optimal living.

The proposal for my final design project transforms an existing architectural form – a disused industrial shed with monumental proportions – into a new art gallery for Contemporary Art Space organisation.

By preserving some of the authenticity and historic interest of the building, a warm aesthetic with an industrial edge was achieved, differentiating the space from the ubiquitous “white box” interiors; creating a welcoming and egalitarian environment specified in the client’s brief. Permanent and temporary exhibition galleries, spaces for education and events, and café and retail offering provide an environment that will engage a wider audience and become a cultural destination for the community.

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