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Archana Mohan

“Being passionate about Arabic calligraphy, I have developed two projects creating Arabic logo identity and initiating branding collaterals for the same. Identifying an issue within the UAE market was the rationale behind each project brief, and the solution was determined through a fully researched and developed project. Hand-lettering was the primary medium for developing the initial design and then digital software for further refinement.

“The first brief was to develop an innovative calligraphy logo for a loyalty rewards programme named ‘Tamam’ – which means perfect in Arabic. Branding activities included creating a calligraphy logo, loyalty card design and other promotional activities.

“The second brief was to develop an Arabic typeface logo for ‘Friday Magazine’ – one of the most popular weekend magazines in the UAE. The aim was to show how the developed Arabic logo would be similar to its existing digital Latin typeface logo, and to show this in all of its communication purposes.”