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Bjorg-Elise Tuppen

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Bjørg-Elise T-A Tuppen is one of many talented creatives studying from outside of the UK with IDI. Following her dream of becoming a professional graphic designer, she is well on her way to achieving an internationally respected BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design online.

Living in the small town of Harstad on the north-west coast of Norway, Bjørg-Elise has found plenty of inspiration for her creativity. She has already experienced success as a photographer and painter and her artwork has been exhibited locally several times. However, after deciding to develop her talent in other areas of art and design, she discovered that Harstad did not provide the kind of opportunities that matched her creative ambitions. She began searching online for an alternative and came across what she was looking for with IDI:

“I researched feedback from prior and current students and everyone seemed pleased with IDI. When I contacted them asking for advice and instructions, they were very forthcoming and helpful. I felt that this was serious and very professional. Finally I could fulfil my dream!”

With IDI’s focus on continued student support and unlimited tutor interaction, Bjørg-Elise soon discovered that the high professional standards set at the initial admissions stage did not diminish:

“The first semester was a bit challenging because I had to find out how everything worked. But that said, I got advice and information along the way and if there were any problems, Student Support were always helpful.”

Despite already being a skilled artist, Bjørg-Elise feels she has learned a lot from the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course so far and, as well as her design skills, her English language skills have received a welcome improvement:

“In the beginning I found it challenging to write everything in English but this has become second nature for me now.”

Confidence is something that many artistic people are lacking, but with support from IDI’s expert tutors and the ability to discuss projects with her peers in the IDI forums, Bjørg-Elise has learned to trust her talent as a designer:

“Getting good feedback and grades have been the highlight of my studies so far! This has strengthened my belief in my ability to become a good graphic designer.”

As Bjørg-Elise looks after two children, finding the right balance between work and life has been crucial. Careful planning and hard work have enabled her to keep up with her study schedule and put her in a good position from which to succeed. She would recommend online study to anyone considering it but would also recommend that they organise their time to make the most of it:

“I set a timetable and stick to it and I try to stay one step ahead. Also, I prioritise and keep focus. I am that type of person who gets very absorbed in my work and have fun with it so this has not been too much of a challenge for me. In general, it is a good idea to be realistic about your workload and don’t take on too much.

“The studies are inspiring, fun and challenging and you have to be able to work with a set timetable, but if you love being creative and have confidence in your ability to manage your own time – go for it!”