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Björgvin Pétur Sigurjónsson

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
HOW Design Award

My first project was created from BBC D&AD brief. The brief was to create a unique solution to how BBC users experience they’re product. My solution was to create a product that was a smart remote controlled with gestures and voice. This is a 3D model of the remote and the receiver.

Second, is a project that was also a part of the BBC D&AD brief. As a part of my solution I created a platform which was controlled with the remote. These are few screens from the platform.

The third image shows the marketing assets for the BBC D&AD brief. I wanted to create marketing materials for the solution as well. This is an ad from a campaign. I had the idea of creating a simple and impacting ad. I had the idea of having a reference to the creation of Adam, resulting in an fun and engaging ad.

The four and fifth images show packaging which was a part of my self-promotion project. The idea was to give the receiver a nostalgic feeling with a VHS themed packaging. It also heavily relates to my personality, since I am a heavy synth and 80’s fan. I also show simple business cards that relate to my retro concept.

In the next project, I decided to create packaging for a non-alcoholic beer. I created everything, including the name JURT, which means herbs in Icelandic. The project resulted in a fresh looking non-alcoholic beer labels, brand, advertising and a landing page. This is a shot from the landing page design.

I also included an ad from this non-alcoholic beer project. This ad is referring to the idea that the beer has natural ingredients. It is so natural that you can see it in the bottle.

In my eighth image, I show work from a commissioned project. The project was about re-branding a well-known spice manufacturer in Iceland. The project included redesigning the logo, packaging and advertisements.

In the ninth image, I show part of my final major project. The brief was about encouraging young girls to continue in sports. I quickly found out that the problem was not young girls but society and how we view women in sports. The whole concept is about glitchy text and imagery, because our views are distorted. The viewer could view the whole story by using his phone and see it in AR. The style is shocking, bold and edgy, which is the whole point, to shock the audience and make them think.

The tenth and final image shows a spread from a zine I designed for the project for my final major project.

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