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My name is Camila Villaveces, I am both a preschool teacher and an illustrator born and based in Bogotá, Colombia. The main themes and concepts behind my work revolve around conflict resolution, empathy and perspective. I like to create wordless books that allow images to speak for themselves.

The main objective for my final project was to create a story that evoked reflections about empathy and perspective. I also wanted to create a visual narrative that young readers could understand, enjoy and reflect upon. I used visual language, narrative tools and book design to illustrate contrasting perspectives within my project and created a comic book that reflected my style as a professional illustrator.

The Forest / The River tells the story of a jaguar-boy and a fish-girl and narrates how both characters perceive each other. The structure of the narrative was divided into two parts: the jaguar-boy’s perspective and the fish-girl’s perspective. These two stories were illustrated using both sides of the book (side A and side B).

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