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Carla Orr

MA Interior Design
IDI Featured: 3D Design

At the age of six, I found my life’s passion and was determined to see it to fruition. I enjoy taking the time to understand and embrace the story behind every project that I take on, ensuring the verbal and visual narrative is carried through each intricate detail of the design.

Design is one big incredible journey for me, one that involves all of the senses. My spaces and projects are always human-centric, which ensures that they are not only loved by the users but that they are also functional and purposeful.

My MA project is a Vertical Living City which is a multi-storey regenerated building that has been transformed into a re-introduction centre In Johannesburg South Africa.

The Vertical Living City houses residents that suffer from poverty, and helps them transform their lives by giving them the opportunity to lead better lives. Almost everything that one needs is provided for within the building – shelter, food, water, education, emotional support, safety and a sense of belonging. The residents have a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty because they finally have solution that caters for all of the symptoms of poverty.

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