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I have always had a passion for graphic design, photography and art. Studying at IDI broadened my knowledge and strengthened my technical skills through a number of creative and exciting projects. Throughout the 4 years I studied with IDI, I was encouraged to work with different media from design programs, such as the Adobe Suite, to experimenting freely with different materials.

During this time, I have also learnt the importance of primary and secondary research. Investing many hours in this phase has led me to successful and focused outcomes and helped me to keep the audience in mind at all times.

For the degree show I have selected some work that best reflects my style. My favourite aspect of Graphic design is layout and typography, as you can see in the Royal Opera House VIP pack. During the course we also had the opportunity to work on other aspects of Graphic Design as well such as brand identity and illustrations. This is where I have learnt the most.

My main source of inspiration when creating illustrations has been from Noma Bar’s work, as you can see in the Norwegian Wood book cover, where the image has a double meaning (girl-guitar).

I was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein when creating the poster for TFL aimed to a popular and contemporary audience.

The focus of my work has been conveying the message in a simplistic yet powerful manner.

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