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My name is Celia-Anne. I am an Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Contemporary artist, known as Aia.

I find motivation from my environment and the topics that are currently affecting our societies. I have almost 18 years’ experience as a fine artist in South Africa, and have developed an affinity with art & design activism, seeing design and creativity as a means to convey pertinent messages. My aim is to use my creative outlets as a vessel to ignite thought for change.

Final Major Project
This illustration project is primarily visualised and realised as if I were a spectator at AfrikaBurn. The piece is likened to a scrapbook entry, relaying the moods, colours, values, symbols and memories of a typical AfrikaBurn experience. The illustration requirement was to create a visual representation of an all-encompassing adventure that would appeal to a broad audience and entice first-timers.

I have kept my audience as my primary focus, in imaging myself directly in a festival goer’s stance.

Self Promotional Branding
I chose to promote myself as an illustrator in a quirky manner by placing my resume onto a vegan chocolate wrapping. The front cover depicting an avant garde dream catcher – which is a metaphor for myself as a practitioner.

Necropolis Railway
I chose a valuable yet forgotten piece of British History and transformed it into something contemporary yet reminiscent. I rendered in coffee stains, watercolour and typography an image of a building with much forgotten character and worth.

Saint Munky
I translated an urban legend as a contemporary illustration. I also experimented with the illustration as body art which deemed successful.

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