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Initially being a self-taught designer, my main motivation to study was to prove to myself that I could do it. Having completed, I now realise that I radically under estimated the sheer value of what I have learned and have taken away from this degree.

I realise how critical the research process is in creating more opportunity for inspiration for the development phase, which has really helped me add an additional layer of meaning to my work. I’m so much more aware of subtle communication and the feeling that my work is now projecting.

My goals are to continue to make original work and push my own boundaries through further exploration in illustration, and to fuse this with my clean and minimal style. I love work that creates impact and intrigue.

I realise my strengths lie in conceptual thinking and design versatility ranging from UI/UX, packaging, digital, branding; I also hope to collaborate with others and work on large scale projects.

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