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My name is Daniel and I am an accredited photo-designer from Germany. The story and narrative behind the images is the primary force I focus on as a critically thinking practitioner.

Technological advancements and growing use of cameras to document day-to-day life in the field of photography have allowed us to move away from approaching and critically evaluating photographs. Having worked with large format cameras in the past, my mind wondered if the creative process of a painter could further refine my methodology.

The series “The Judgement” aims to combine and transform various visual techniques from a multidisciplinary approach into a project that aims to tell a story of epic proportions. Its prime visual design theme is influenced by the works of Rembrandt and other artists from the Dutch and German Renaissance.

The series aims to question the common perception of painterly qualities in photography and redefines it in light of contemporary photography. The project is divided into three parts that revolve around the moral issue of either wanting to know the ugly truth or live inside a beautiful lie.

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