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Danish Saeed

“My name is Danish Saeed and I am a graphic designer who has been working in the sports broadcast industry in Qatar for the last six years. Working in Qatar, I observed that it’s a nation of football enthusiasts. Therefore, I decided to rebrand their highest football league – known as Qatar Stars League.

“The primary focus of my branding was centered on Qatar, its culture and surroundings, and their football passion and enthusiasm. I believe these characteristics can better represent Qatar and its Stars League.

“The new QSL logo represents Qatar’s heritage, its passion for football and its will to win. The Oryx is Qatar’s national animal, thriving in the hot sun, and its horns, (depicted in the logo) draw inspiration from the arms of a cheering football supporter. The fourteen points of the star, inspired by Arabic geometric patterns, represent the fourteen clubs of the QSL family, while the contemporary color scheme reflects the tradition, climate and culture of modern Qatar.”