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I am a design practitioner with a 14 years of professional experience in interior design & furniture design. I also craft unique handmade home accessories with recyclable material.

I have always been passionate about the environment and strongly believe in the positive impact of recycling and re-use of material. Having an interior design background, allows me to transform material and create aesthetic designs.

My BA project aims to transform an existing building to contemporary art gallery to present printmaking artworks. The gallery includes temporary and permanent areas besides multi-functional spaces, restaurant, retail shop and several workshop areas.

I have borrowed the “Extrude” concept to translate my thoughts into architectural elements, focusing on the design as a whole for both the exterior and interior. I am inspired by the existence of brick walls of the existing building to match the humble brick in its versatility of expression and functionality, the different forms extracted from the brick design will serve as many innovative functional elements in the exterior and interior.

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