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Art and drawing has always been something of a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As technology advanced, so did my interest on how to make visual outcomes with it.

Studying with IDI was my second attempt at achieving my degree several years after deciding to leave University early in my 1st year of my original go of it. IDI has really helped to put my design career dreams back on track by allowing me to study comfortably from home whilst still leading an active life and working full-time.

Over the 4 years of study I have undertaken and completed many projects, several of which have tested my skill set and grown me as a designer with their challenging briefs. Each and every project has led to a level of pride in my achievements along the way, from my 1st brief of a poster design for an ATypi Conference to my final project following a brief set as part of the D&AD New Bloods Awards.

My aim as a graphic designer is always to make something that is positively memorable that suits the needs of the brief in the best possible way. Something I feel I have achieved throughout my degree and will continue to do so as I enter the professional world of graphic design.

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