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Diego Familiar Rueda

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
IDI Featured: Design for Print

The #LondonIsOpen project was a very positive experience which has open my vision of who I should be as a graphic designer. I have developed a visual language that explains what it means London to be open.

The Royal Opera House VIP box it has been an excellent experience that helps me to develop my packaging design skills. I have managed to design a very original and unique project, which a series of individual pieces for the theatre audience.

The third project it was an opportunity for me to be more creative and look at my artistic side through illustration. The Artnica project is a web page where artists create illustrations that represent ideas against world conflicts.

The fourth project is the development of an identity for a TV channel in the Spanish region of Valencia; the identity reflects the cultural and social references form the audience of the region.

The four projects represent a different side of who I am as a designer, and the evolution I have had while doing my studies in IDI for the last four years.

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