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My project is a proposal to generate a spatial design of the first new gallery for a contemporary art space. The design proposal augments architectural and interior environment of an existing building and provides both permanent and temporary gallery environments for displays and exhibitions as an experience to the visitor and citizens. The spatial environment creates a connection with the exhibition of art and displays with daily social activities.

The site, Roxburgh House in the Botanical Gardens in Kolkata, is over 200 years old and a heritage property in semi-derelict state. I have chosen this site for my final module brief as the existing aesthetic and location suits the purpose of an art gallery environment adding the challenge of augmenting and conserving its form.

The proposed design combines the theme of conservation in a glass house, thus, the outcome has a glass house built around the existing heritage structure depicting its existing forms in a contemporary style to the glass façade. The glass house provides for the additional activity spaces of the museum and the existing is dedicated to galleries.

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