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Dom Kegel

MA Photography (Visual Communication)
IDI Featured: Social Awareness

My name is Dom. I’m a husband, father, filmmaker, and photographer. My first years in the industry were spent as a stuntman, but I have recently transitioned into the life of a producer and director.

My transient upbringing has opened my eyes to the beauty of our world and, yet, broken my heart with its prevalent injustice. What brings me joy is sharing with others, especially when I have something one desperately needs.

The work of Alia Parte was an attempt to bolster our local community’s awareness of homeless youth and those caught in the unyielding cycle of foster care. In this photo-voice project, teens were trained to shoot street photography, kitted with gear and directed to capture their lives in an honest and unfiltered manner. What became of this process was not only a collection of captivating images, but the beginning of a broader community dialogue in our city on how we can love and support these youngsters.

Children are the most valuable part of our communities. We must love, protect, and equip them.

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