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Ellie Rogers

IDI Featured: Social Awareness

Throughout my journey with IDI I have learnt a lot about who I am as a designer and where my strengths lie. I have come to realise that I work best when creating solutions for social issues.

In America there are 651,226 reported missing persons cases every year. Of this there are up to 90 thousand active cases, with around half of those being female and a significant proportion being African American. Often the police will close these files suggesting their disappearance was voluntary.

This project aims to help find these forgotten women, to make sure they aren’t dismissed or forgotten about, but kept alive and given a voice until we can find them. Influenced by Swiss style, the posters are intended to reach out to the audience in a way which is emotive and memorable, encouraging those with information to step forward.

Ellie’s work tackles a serious and important issue with both style and sensitivity. Her campaign works as it draws upon the current and relatable social media visual aesthetic of selfies, yet utilises traditional graphic design techniques to convey the message clearly and professionally.
Molly Wilson
Graphic Designer

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