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Evan Skuthorpe is a London-based photographer principally interested in recording the banal and mundane nature of the urban setting and its familiar yet often overlooked qualities. Evan self-publishes his work and has launched a successful Kickstarter photobook – ‘Petticoat Lane’. More will follow.

Choosing to work in analogue photography, partly as a result of an interest and awareness of photographic history developed as a direct result of academic studies, and in part for the tangible nature of the photograph – a considered rejection of mass-photography and the throwaway ‘snap’ of the digital medium. Evan works using 35mm and medium format cameras and his niche is situated between straight documentary-style photography and creative conceptual interpretations.

These photographs form ‘Super-normal stimuli’, a photobook body of work set against the wider narrative of the interchangeable nature of tourists and tourist destinations. The work explores the sameness of ‘the tourist’ – the individual behaviour, herd-like group behaviour of massed-tourists, and finally, their interactions with ‘the local’. Inspiration for this work derives from observing these traits over many years of travel and living in central London, and from the zoologist observations of Desmond Morris in The Human Zoo.

Evan recently completed his BA (Hons) Photography with 1st Class Honours.

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