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Gillian Davies

“I started my adventure with IDI with little graphic design experience, but lots of enthusiasm and passion. I found the course challenging, but rewarding, which is reflected in my work. My strongest outcomes were on the following projects; My Final Major Project (FMP) and my work on ‘Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit’, alongside my editorial work.
My FMP Thesis: The fashion industry is becoming a more influential part on the lives of its target audience. I will examine and discuss the way in which eating disorders and mental health problems are becoming more common amongst the female community.

“The design requirements are printed card designs, within a unique pouch. These visuals have to meet the theme: Fashion as Art! The trend cards need to speak to a wide audience (female, male, lower to upper middle class, age 12 – 65 years, fashionistas, individuals open for new designs/products/trends) and have to communicate a positive, friendly, happy and inspiring message. The design proposal should provide the fashion audience with the possibility to further expand their own personal style, find their own identity whilst taking into consideration their qualities, beliefs, and background at the same time as embracing their body shape.”