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During my degree I have specialised in Advertising Photography and have pursued the creative freedom and diversity it facilitates, and used my coursework to expand and improve my professional portfolio.

Being inspired by surrealism and postmodernism, incorporating photo manipulation alongside challenging traditional advertising stereotypes, (especially gender-related) facilitates the creation of different and attention-grabbing imagery, and has allowed me to discover my personal niche within this competitive sector of the industry.

For my Degree Major Project I undertook an advertising campaign for a cordless vacuum cleaner that incorporates gender equality, photo manipulation and compositing – portraying the product as a weapon for superheroes to use to clean graffiti from the streets.

Previous projects have encompassed awareness campaigns for mental health conditions, which identify that stereotyped actions are not always personal choices and can signify the onset of depression or anxiety disorders, and consumer reactions to tasting sour sweets!

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