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Gudrun Gunnarsdottir

Graphic Design Courses

“In my practice as graphic designer I like to work with nature, my nordic roots and folkloristic aspects, I also use a lot of illustration.

“My final major project was about presenting two worlds to each other and about bringing your imagination to life. In Iceland Hulduheimar (or ‘the Hidden world’) is a parallel world to our world – it is where the Huldufólk (the elven or ‘the hidden people’) live.

“Some studies say up to 80% of Icelanders believe in elves, one way or another. This project is about the connection between the two worlds and an exploration of how they co-exist, in each other and apart from each other. I connect this hidden world to other hidden worlds such as the ocean, deep lakes and the spiritual realm of churches.

“I loved being able to work with the foundation of the folkloristic belief we have here in Iceland, and to spin this fairy-tale world further into our human world. My clients were the elven people of Iceland, presenting themselves to the humans.”