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I’m a self-employed Canadian designer, illustrator and cartoonist. My practice includes branding, corporate communications, editorial illustration and caricature. I strongly believe all three specialities inform and complement each other and keep me from being singular.

I am also a professional member of the Graphic designers of Canada and am a member of the American National Cartoonists Society. I’m on the board of both organisations and this has had a positive effect on my practice keeping me up to date on happenings and changes in my industry. It is also valuable as a marketing and networking component of my business.

My graduate project came out of my interest in humour and improving my ability in making humorous work. The project is an introductory analysis of the construction of and the psychological, evolution, physiological, sociological, and philosophical theories of humorous works. It is my plan to get the work published, but for now it will just be a promotional instrument for my business.

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