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The creation of a silent book for my final major project has been an exciting opportunity to explore and immerse myself into picture book illustration. This an area of my practice where I strive for excellence and am extremely passionate about.

With themes of diversity and mortality, the story follows a determined young bird’s journey to find ‘home’. Character development is an aspect that I enjoy, portraying traits and expression, and building a world for the protagonist to exist in and explore.

I love to experiment in collage playing with bold elements, texture and colour, then applying this technique to book illustration and picture book projects; as featured within this gallery of Little Bird’s Journey, plus additional images of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park book illustrations, and The Brothers Grimm’s The Beam picture book.

The creation of the storyline and character as required for the silent picture book was an enjoyable challenge, supported by my study of visual narrative and storytelling techniques for my dissertation. This was invaluable to my development as I aim to progress into this field of illustration.

I love the contrast between the detailed textures and simplistic colours of these works. Really striking.
Scott Mason
Web Developer

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