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Harry Needs

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
IDI Featured: Social Awareness

Through personal anguish there propagates prosperity.

My final major project aligns with newly distinguished production company, Nyar K’Odero Group, to create two outcomes: one iconic production company logo which embodies cultural significance and company values, and a film poster for their new and highly anticipated cinematic documentary – ‘Breakfast in Kisumu’.

The film follows the bibliographical passage of renowned professor and political activist Rok Ajulu along his journey back to Africa for the transition of the ANC party from a liberation movement into a governing body, his marriage into the Sisulu Family, and the continental significance of 1994.

In the same consequential year of 2017 as my client channels her grievance into the making of a film about her father, I channel a similar memorialisation of personal reflection into a fictitious fundraising art campaign for the 22 victims that lost their lives in Manchester Arena Attack 22/05/17.

As a designer, I’m highly interested in the catalytic ability of design and its perpetual creative notion toward positive and meaningful influence.

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